Your reputation is on the line with every project, and you cannot afford to have problems. Stories abound of import flooring arriving months late, off-color, off-quality or in some other way not-to-spec. 

Now, with tariff issues grabbing headlines, you can add “price uncertainty” to the list of concerns.   

With all the chaos and turmoil surrounding the Chinese tariff situation, it is no wonder that more and more specifiers are searching for reliable domestic partners for their hardwood flooring projects. 

We at Thomas Benjamin Architectural Flooring are committed to be your design and manufacturing partner for all your hardwood flooring needs.  Thomas Benjamin Flooring is designed and manufactured in our facility in Southern California.  We have a broad selection of standard products in the most current colors and finishes, including our knot-free Premium Grade products.   

Beyond our standard offerings, we also have a staff of creative technicians ready to consult with you as needed to create custom products.  

During the design and specification process we are available to consult with you on every aspect, aesthetic, functional and budgetary, of your project. You are always welcome to come to our facility and work with our artists in our Custom Sampling Studio to develop the unique product dimensions, color, treatment or texture that fulfills your vision for your project. 

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