Northpark Lexus - San Antonio

Well we have to admit - we never predicted seeing brand-new Lexuses (Lexi?) parked on our wood floors. However, when the design firm suggested our Hickory floor for this project, we jumped.

The design team ended up choosing one of our standard Hickory colors, added a haandsculpted texture for character, chose custom widths of 3”, 5” and 7” (alternating), and split the job between solid (upstairs) and engineered (downstairs and sales floor).



  • Product: TB Signature Line Hickory 6007

  • Modified with “Hewn” handsculpting as per clients’ request

  • Dimensions: 5/8” x 3”-5”-7” X RL to 12’ and 3/4” solid x 3”-5”-7” x RL to 12’

  • Species: American Hickory

  • Grade: Rustic Grade

  • Finish: Ceramax UV-cured Ceramic Finish

  • Color - 6007