White Oak 6016

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Texture: Smooth Grades:  Rustic - Light Rustic - Premium Standard Dimensions: 5/8" x 8"

Lengths: Random Length to 12' Finish Type: Matte Ceramic

Custom Options

+ Species Options

White Oak, French White Oak, Black Walnut, Hickory, Hard Maple; we have the most common species covered. However, we have access to a whole world of wood species, from Angelim to Zebrawood, and everything in between. Just send us a cutting or a photo, and we’ll do the rest!

+ Texture Options

We can replicate nearly any surface treatment technique. Among our most popular are our handcrafted Hewn and Timeworn textures. We can also wirebrush and lime (cerusing), in the European tradition. Chiseled edges, bandsawn textures, nail-holes and other embellishment are also available. Use your imagination!

+ Grade Options

Our standard gradings of Rustic – Light Rustic and Premium can be further refined to suit your desired aesthetic. See our Grade Guide for more information

+ Color Options

We offer over 20 standard colors in The TB Signature Collection. Still can’t find your exact dream floor? No problem! When it comes to custom colors, your options are literally limitless. Simply submit a wood sample of the color you desire - be it another floor sample, a cabinetry swatch or wood veneer sample, or simply a digital photograph.

+ Thickness & Width Options

We produce flooring in thicknesses from 3/8” to over 1”, and in widths from 2” through 12”.

+ Finish Options

Our standard finish is a UV-cured Ceramic-enhanced Urethane, available in multiple build levels and sheens. We also commonly use European Oil Finishes from Rubio and WOCA, among others. We specialize in translating oil finishes to urethane finishes, and vice-versa.

+ Patterns

Any floor that we produce in plank form can also be reinterpreted as a herringbone, chevron or pattern parquet.

+ Fire Treatment

Nearly any floor we make can be specially treated to meet ASTM E84 Class A/I for use as walls or ceilings.